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Rroms in Rome

ROME. The Casilino 900 camp was evacuated at the beginning of 2010 after years of conflicts between the municipality and the Rrom community. The new policies of the roman institutions want to relocate them in other areas of Rome, in despite of all the problems that these decisions may provoke: marginalization, abandonment of education, and a relapse in the integration process. These policies are based on ill-judged misunderstandings and mistrust against the Rrom community and also on an inability to think of effective integration policies. The “Out of the Gate” project objectives were to develop trust between Italian and Rrom children through a series of activities and interplay, such as constructing toys using recycled materials and found objects and through interaction in other workshops. The objectives are to allow children to overcome stereotypes and fears and to build up relationships through the games.

Some pictures have been published on the magazine “Causes Communes” to illustrate the article ā€œTous le Tsiganes ne sont pas nomadesā€.