Photoshop CS6 – en

Let’s get started with Photoshop
  • What you can do with PS?
  • The Adobe Photoshop environment
  • Knowing and customizing the workspace
  • Photoshop preferences
  • Navigation and zoom shortcuts
  • Navigation tools
  • Opening, creating and saving documents
  • Adjusting resolution and image size
  • Cropping or enlarging the canvas
Photoshop and Bridge
  • What is Bridge?
  • Why use it?
  • Main Bridge features
Getting started: Retouching tools
  • Brush tools group
  • Healing brush tools group
  • Clone stamp tool
  • Eraser tools group
  • What is history?
Selections: getting started
  • What are selections?
  • Selection tools
  • Marquee tool
  • The Lasso tools
  • The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools
  • Adding to or deleting from selections
  • Inverting and deleting selections
Other tools
  • History brush tool
  • Paint bucket tool
  • Blur, sharpen, smudge tools
  • Dodge, burn, sponge tools
Enhancing an Image: getting started
  • Auto tone, auto contrast, autocolour
  • Brightness/contrast
  • Exposure
  • Levels
  • Getting a black and white picture: Desaturate
  • Threshold
  • Black and white command
Enhancing the image: going ahead
  • Hue and saturation controls
  • Vibrance
  • Colour balance
  • Selective colour
  • HDR images
  • Camera Raw: Working with raw photographs
  • File formats: from jpg to raw format
Enhancing the image: a step further
  • Variations
  • Shadow and highlight adjustments
  • Curves
  • And some filters: blurring and sharpening filters
Managing the Photoshop environment
  • Creating, saving and loading custom colours
  • Creating and using new brushes
  • Painting with special brushes
  • Creating patterns
  • Creating and editing gradients
  • Creating tool presets
  • Changing default preferences
  • Customising keyboard shortcuts
Working with layers
  • What are layers?
  • Opacity
  • Locking layer
  • Basic layer blending modes
  • Adjustment layers
  • The Transform commands
  • Merging layers and flattening image
  • Adding text layers
  • Paragraph and text panels
Selections: a step further
  • Modify selection
  • Transform selection
  • Content-aware scale, heal and fill
  • Refine edge
  • Define a selection based on colour range
  • Colour range vs replace colour
  • Replace colour vs match colour
  • Saving and loading selectionss
Selection, mask and layers: 
non-destructive workflow
  • What is a mask?
  • Quick mask mode
  • Modify a mask
  • Layer mask
  • Masking techniques
  • Retouching tools on a separate layer
  • Colour space and colour mode
  • RGB vs CMYK
  • Colour picker and Eyedropper tool
  • Foreground and background colour
  • Colour and swatch panel
  • Info panel
  • Understanding channels
  • Colour profiles
  • Assign profile and convert to profile
Layers: a step further
  • Converting layers to smart object
  • Working with smart object
  • Grouping layers
  • Using clipping groups
  • Using smart filters
  • Knock out and clipping mask
  • Advanced blending options
  • Blend if
  • Creating and using layer styles
  • Using layer comps
  • Advanced masking using channels
Vector tools
  • Vector vs pixels
  • The shape tools
  • The custom shape tool
  • Working with the pen tool
  • The path panel
  • from a path to a selection and vice versa
  • The Path selection tool and the Direct selection tool
  • Creating type on a path
  • Filter gallery
  • Photo filters
  • Liquify
  • Vanishing point
  • Adaptive wide angle
  • Lens correction
  • …and the puppet warp
  • Actions
  • droplet
  • Batch processing
  • Image processor
  • Creating panoramic images
  • Merging images (HDR photography, panoramas, special montages)
  • Creating animated GIF images for web
  • Slicing images
  • Animation and video layers
  • Web design tools and techniques
  • Optimising images for the web
Advanced retouching workflow
  • Correcting colour cast
  • Working with 10 channels
  • Creating new channels with calculations command
  • Entering in LAB mode
  • Sharpening
  • Colour Management for print and web

Integration with other Adobe applications (Illustrator, InDesign)