Residui Teatro

Residui Teatro was founded in Rome in 1999, from a
workshop of theatre, directed by Paolo Vignolo (sociologist and theatre director) and Marta Ruiz (choreographer of Adra-dance, Colombia).

The company follows the idea of a travelling theatre, touching the fragile border among daily and “extraordinary” life, a theatrical discourse facing the small and great contradictions of today.

This common tension has brought the group into conventional spaces in the city – university, underground, roads – and the unconventional spaces: because theatrical research is nothing else than an unusual occupation, where the set, the spectators and the actors can always transform themselves into something else, to live the game that everyday life hides.
Residui Teatro based its work on expressive methods and techniques of physical theatre, with particular respect to the experiences of theatre – dance, physical comedy and clownerie, multi-sensory theatre and interactive games.

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