InDesign CS6 – en

Let’s get started with InDesign
  • What you can do with InDesign?
  • The Adobe InDesign environment
  • Knowing and customizing the workspace
  • InDesign preferences
  • Navigation and zoom shortcuts
  • Navigation tools
  • Opening, creating and saving documents
Setting Up Your Document
  • Working with Rulers and Guides
  • Setting a Baseline Grid
  • Add, move and shuffle Pages in your Document
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Formatting Master Pages
  • Applying Master pages
  • Adding Automatic Page Numbering
Working with Frames
  • Place Text and Graphics on the Document Pages
  • Applying Colours
  • Tints and Gradients
  • Creating and applying a Stroke
  • Shapes and Corner options inside of InDesign
  • Transforming Frames Content
  • Adjusting Transparency
  • Applying Effects
  • Text Frame Options
Using Color in Your Documents
  • Creating and Saving a New Swatch
  • Managing the swatch panel
  • Working with gradients
  • Using the Eyedropper Tool to Copy colour and Frame Attributes
  • Updating and Editing colours
  • Using and Saving Spot colours
  • Working with blending modes
Working with text
  • Flowing Text and multiple Columns design
  • Using a Baseline Shift
  • Changing Character Attributes (Font and Size)
  • Changing Character Attributes (Leading, Spacing, Tracking and Kerning)
  • Changing Paragraph Attributes
  • Create Bulleted and Numbered lists
  • Explore decorative Fonts and special Characters with Glyphs panel
  • Adding Rules above or below Paragraphs
  • Using Tabs
  • Creating Drop Caps
  • Checking and Correcting Spelling
  • Special Characters and Glyphs
  • Editing Text Using the Story Editor
  • Placing Text on a Path
  • Importing Text from Microsoft Word
  • Missing Fonts
Working with Graphics
  • Placing Graphics
  • Image quality and Display options
  • Fitting or Clipping graphics with Frames
  • Applying Text Wrap
  • Manage linked files and automate updating of your content
  • Vector artworks inside of InDesign
  • Using Graphics with Clipping Paths and Alpha Channels
  • Using Anchored Objects
  • Advanced Importing
  • Working with Layered Photoshop Files
Working with styles
  • Using Styles
  • Applying Character Styles
  • Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Using Nested Styles
  • Applying Object Styles
  • Using GREP Styles
  • Apply Styles Using Find/Change
  • Finding and Changing Text Using GREP
  • Updating Styles
  • Loading Styles from Another inDesign Document
  • Organizing Styles into Groups
Creating and Using Tables
  • Creating a Table
  • Copying and Pasting Table Information
  • Converting Text to Table and Table to Text
  • Importing a Table
  • Editing Tables and Table Options
  • Merging Cells
  • Formatting a table, working with text, rows and columns
  • Formatting Text within a Cell and Saving Paragraph Styles
  • Working with styles (table styles and cell styles)
  • Defining a Header Cell
  • Setting Column and Row Dimensions
  • Placing Graphics in Cells
Page Layout tools
  • Using Placeholders, Eyedropper and Master Pages for different workflow
  • Aligning multiple Objects and working with Object Groups
  • Wrap text around inline Objects while making use of Alpha Channels
Outputting and PDF Export
  • Understanding Bleed and Slug
  • Preflighting, Printing, and Creating PDFs from InDesign
  • Packaging Your Document
  • Creating an Adobe PDF
  • Separation Preview
  • Printing a Proof
  • Exporting Your Document
  • Creating an Interactive PDF
Advanced Document Features
  • Adding and Using Text Variables
  • Creating a Book from Multiple Files
  • Synchronizing Attributes Across a Book File
  • Defining Pagination and Document Order
  • Synchronizing Attributes Across a Book File
  • Creating Captions
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Building an Index
  • Adding Topics
  • Adding Cross-references
  • Generating the Index
  • Adding Interactive Links
  • Understanding Layers