Welcome to my website!

I’m an Italian living in Paris and with a Colombian wife, so to keep it mixed, I decided to use English for these pages. Anyway, in some cases, whenever it’s possible, you may find some texts in French mainly and in Italian too. On this website you will have a view of my works and a brief description of my activities.

I’ve passed through different experiences in many fields: photography, political studies, humanitarian experience, graphic design, teaching in prison, animation for children. All these activities seem to be very far and have nothing to share with each other, but I’ve always been aware that learning is not something abstract, and everything you learn is just a step forward.

So, all my experiences are linked and connected to each other: I could apply my political studies to my passion for photography in order to better understand the realities I was taking a picture of. I realised that my reportages were a very valuable experience in the humanitarian field and working with children helped me approaching and understanding people in front of me. Still, I found that a good presentation is important for a job so I studied something of graphic design. Anyway, what finally is important to me is not what I’ve learned, but what I haven’t learned yet.

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